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Welcome to our art supplies and materials page. I put together a list with links to all the art supplies I've thoroughly tested and use on my YouTube tutorials for anyone wanting to get the same experience. This is just a suggested guide and should not limit you on experimenting with your own style and taste. 

For our beginner artists I suggest having just the essentials and then expanding your toolsets as you continue to experiment with new techniques. To keep things simple and cost effective there are essentially only 3 things you'll need- something to draw with, something to draw on, and something to fix mistakes or just to clean things up. Here is my suggested starter set:

Beginner Artists Start Here

 NicPro 0.5mm-2mm Mechanical Pencil Set:

 Strathmore 65 lb Sketch Pad:

 Kneaded Eraser:


I've also compiled a complete list of all the art supplies I keep in full stock around my studio. If I haven't used it in over a year, I won't include it in this list. I've broken up this list from everything I use on my YouTube channel to materials I use on personal and professional projects.

My YouTube Supplies

 NicPro 0.5mm-2mm Mechanical Pencil Set:

 NicPro 6PCS Pastel Mechanical Pencil Set:

 Strathmore 65 lb Sketch Pad:

 Kneaded Eraser:

 Staedtler Black Pencil Set:

 Sharpie Marker 12 pack:

 Hammermill 11x17 drawing paper 500 sheets:

 Prismacolor Colored Pencils 132 Count:

 Posca Paint Markers 8 color set:

 OHUHU 48 color dual tip marker set:

 Sakura White Gel Pens 6 Pack:


My Personal Project Supplies

 Blending Stumps 36 Pcs:

 Pentel 0.7mm 2B 144 pc refills:

 Pentel 0.9mm 2B 180 pc refills:

 Sakura Pigma Micron 6 Pack Blk Assorted:

 OHUHU Calligraphy 10 Tip Pen Set:

 Hardcover Drawing Journal 2 Pack:

 Prismacolor Colored Pencils 36 Count:

 Arteza Acrylic Paint Set 60 Colors:

 Arteza Paint Brush 12 Pc Set:

 Round Paint Palette 3 Pc:

 Meeden Tabletop Wood Easel:


My Professional Tools

 Wacom Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet:


Official Club Merch

 Ultra Fine Club T Shirt:

 Archival Ink Club T Shirt:

 Embroidered Ultra Fine Club Hoodie:

 Ultra08 Club T Shirt:

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